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Note: The links that are highlighted and underscored are active pages. The balance of the locations will be included in this Website, stanislaustour.com as they are created. (An * indicates the site is new or revised.)

Please enjoy yourself while you page through the places you can visit in the Stanislaus National Forest, either through this Website or hopefully in person sometime in the future.

All of these locations are reached via Highway 108 or on the many forest service roads off of Highway 108. I would suggest that you purchase a map of the Stanislaus National Forest at the MiWuk or Summit Ranger Stations and have it available when you go off road.

I anticipate that at some point in the future, I will also include locations along Highway 4...but with the many locations earmarked along 108, you will have to be patient for now.

Your feedback is certainly encouraged so please leave your comments at my Contact link above. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bear Lake

Bell Meadow

Bennett Juniper


Bonnie's Bonsai

Bourland Trestle

Burst Rock

Camp Lake

Capitol Christmas Tree - 2011

Castle Rock

Clavey River and Lily Creek

Cleo's Bath

Cold Springs Overlook

Columns of the Giants

Cooper Meadow

Cooper Peak


Donnell Vista

Gianelli Cabin

Giant Jeffrey

Fahey Cabin

Herring Creek Road and Hammill Canyon Loop

Historical Sonora Pass Wagon Train

Imaginative Rocks, etc.

Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack Station

Martin's Cow Camp

Pinecrest Lake

Pinecrest Peak and Overlook

Powell Lake

Punch Bowl

Quartz Outcrop

Relief Reservoir

Sand Bar Flat

Shadow of the Mi-Wok Trail

Sierra Grandstand

Sonora Pass

Sonora Peak

Sugar Pine Railway Trail

The Dardanells

Three Chimneys

Trail of the Ancient Dwarfs

Trail of the Gargoyles

Trail of the Survivors

Washington Lily

Westside Railway Trail