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“During the heyday of historic railroad logging in the Sierra, numerous logging camps were in operation along the railroad mainlines and spurs deep within the forest.  Most of these camps were mobile and temporary, leaving little evidence of their presence but the refuse left behind.  Crandall-in-the-Hole is an exception. 

Built by the Standard Lumber Company in 1921, cabins were left due to a particularly pernicious situation with bedbugs and lice.

Crandall-in-the-Hole was alive with loggers, trainmen, cooks, flunkies, whistle punks, high-climbers, gandy dancers, donkey doctors, and other colorfully-named woods workers who ate, slept, and lived here for two logging seasons; a few women and children called this “home,” too.  At the end of 1923, the camp was closed down and left to the elements and the ghosts of its workers.

Experience an area of the forest that seems to hold the past in a state of arrested decay.  Today, you can see the remains of numerous buildings, associated grades and the landscape that once composed this old railroad Logging camp.  Unfortunately, this camp has not only been left to the ravages of the natural elements and time, but it has also had more than its share of vandals, looters, and bottle collectors.  This problem has become so great that this invaluable site is routinely monitored by the U.S. Forest Service.  Please help us preserve this unique place by taking only photos and memories and reporting any suspicious activities.” * (See Additional Photos)



From the Mi-Wok Ranger Station, drive east on Highway 108 for 10 miles to Forest Service Road 4N01 (Fraser Flat Road). Turn left onto 4N01and drive 7 miles to 4N88. Make a sharp right and continue for 1.6 miles to a area where you can park on the left. Proceed down the hill on foot to the railroad bed and turn left and travel along railroad bed. Because so many years have passed, much of the railroad bed has become overgrown with bushes and many fallen logs lay across the railbed. Follow this railroad bed for about 40-50 minutes to Crandall-in-the-Hole. You will see the remains on the right.

Caution: I have been told that there are numerous old abandoned mining shafts within the area that could be covered with years of debris so be careful where you walk.

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* Article from Stanislaus National Forest - Central Sierra Nevada - Printed from their Web site over 10 years ago...

Unable to locate same Web site today.