Sunset from Cold Springs


Cold Springs Overlook


This overlook is a short one-quarter mile walk that runs parallel to Highway 108 right after turning onto Lassen Drive. Cold Springs is at an elevation of 5,600 feet and although it is a gentle climb, the views are spectacular.

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The Dardanells are seen looking toward the east, the Three Chimneys toward the southeast and of course the many layers of valleys of the foothills toward the west. You have terrific views of Cooper Peak, the Three Chimneys, Pinecrest Peak and the sunrise/sunsets can be magnificent. (More photos to come)

The geologic formations are most interesting.


From the Summit Ranger Station, turn left onto Highway 108 and drive for a couple of miles to Lassen Drive, turn left and you will see an area to park just across the road. The trail begins at the point between Old Mono Road and Lassen turnoff on the northeast side. The trail has a slight upgrade and you will come to a volcanic formation at the highest point.

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