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Arrival of Wagon Train


Historical Sonora Pass Wagon Train Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary


On August 23, 2007, the Historical Sonora Pass Wagon Train departed from Pickle Meadows, located on the eastern side of Sonora Pass on Highway 108. There were six wagons at the onset of the trip. Each of the wagons were equipped with hydraulic brakes ...a big improvement from 1852.

The Wagon Train traveled for a total of nine days up over Sonora Pass, having a layover at The Dardanells Resort. They then continued along the highway past Strawberry and the Summit Ranger Station and finally reaching their destination of Twain Harte on August 31st.

Whenever possible, the route of the trip was off the highway. Those who participated in the trip wore clothing of the era. Some school-age children joined the wagon train three days prior to reaching their destination. You can read more about who took part in this exciting event on the Wagon Train Website below.

I was fortunate enough to be in the Pinecrest area and heard that the Wagon Train would make a stop at the Pinecrest School. It was exciting to see the Wagon Train arrive. The school children came out to welcome everyone and it was a fun show and tell day for the children on board the Wagon Train.. There were about eight or nine wagons at this point, each drawn by two or four horses and like on the original trip, there were quite a few people on horseback.

After a short layover at the School allowing the horses to rest, the Wagon Train continued upon their way getting back onto Highway 108 at Strawberry Road. Since they traveled only about 3-4 miles per hour, I once again met up with the Wagon Train at Little Sweden later in the day. (More photos)

Please visit the below Web sites to learn more about the Historical Sonora Pass Wagon Train and what you can do as an individual to ensure that the Wagon Train will ride again!


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonora_Pass (This Web site gives a brief history of Sonora Pass.)


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