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Looking for a railroad bed You have to remember that there is 88 years of growth over the railroad bed. Yet, there were some planks that were very visible.
This one was pretty well decayed. It was exciting to see some cables - figured we were getting close. Here are some dried pods from a wild iris.
We climbed over fallen trees and debris from so many years ago. Here was a notched railroad tie and you can see where the spikes had been driven back in the early 1920s. Can anyone tell me what kind of bone this is?
Nuts and Bolts More Nuts and Bolts Are We Getting There
Then we came upon assorted bolts and other pieces More items were strewn about We came across more items and hoped we were getting closer
Only standing part of a house Shelf Back side
And then we discovered Crandall-in-the-Hole - built in 1921 and deserted in 1923 This structure was the only one still standing on its own... Note shelves on right A view from the side of the same cabin - amazing it is still standing
Another House A Third House A Couple of Old Buckets
Just the front of this place remained intact. We saw numerous places ... some walls leaning against trees ...others covered with decades of pine needles. We had hoped to see some artifacts within the confines of the town,but we only found several buckets.
Old floor
It seems there were several structures joined together. Looking under the floor of one structure. Eighty plus years of pine needles covering the floor of a cabin.
Beam Holly
A very interesting beam And yet, a holly plant is surviving in Crandall. This is a fairly deep hole a short distance from the town ...probably was dug for the outhouse.
This was probably what remained of a house. This appears to be a flashing which may have been used for the stovepipe. There were plenty of boards just laying around the area.
Snack at Crandall

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A look under another one of the cabins. After spending 45 minutes or so investigating the remains, we had a snack before saying goodbye to Crandall-in-the-Hole.