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Photos of the Bourland Trestle

1994 - 2010


Bourland Trestle Bourland Trestle Bourland Trestle

The next four pictures were taken in 1994 when the trestle was still intact.

This trestle was a true work of art.

For 75 years this trestle stood tall and proud.

Bourland Trestle   Fallen Bourland Trestle

It is wonderful to have these memories of the structure.


In July of 1999 we looked and felt sad that part of the trestle that once carried the narrow-gauge West Side Railway had disappeared the previous year.

Other side of trestle after collapse
Trestle Far side of trestle

The Bourland Trestle Trail ends just to the left of this portion of the trestle.


Debris from the fallen Bourland Trestle.

Looking at the far side of the trestle.


Bourland Trestle 2010

Bourland Trestle Bourland Trestle
Returning to the trestle in September of 2010, we found eleven years had taken its toll. Can't help but wonder just how many more years this trestle can survive the severe winters. You can see the original supports for the trestle. Last time we saw this, it was full of debris from the partial collapse in 1998.

Bourland Trestle

Bourland Trestle Bourland Trestle
A closeup of one section. After 75 years the trees now hide a good portion of the remaining trestle. When you are in our Stanislaus National Forest and have one free day, take time to visit the Bourland Trestle before it disappears forever. You will be glad you did!!!


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