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Sierra Grandstand Ride

sierra grandstand map View from start of ride second marker

There is a large sign showing the various points of interest along the route. The sign is located just as you turn right onto 4N29.

Facing the signboard, there is a dirt road going off to the right. Drive along this road a very short distance to see this landscape.

This is the type of marker to look for. Not all are easily visible.

View of Pinecrest Lake flower plant view

Looking down at Pinecrest Lake

Gooseberry Plant


blooming bush thistle purple berries

Blue Elderberry bush that is about 9 feet high. The berries are on the tart side

Flowering thistle

This cluster of elderberries were quite impressive.

view view cooper peak

A closer view of Pinecrest Lake

Pinecrest Peak

Looking at Cooper Peak from the Sierra Grandstand ride

cooper peak dardanell view one of the runs on Dodge Ridge

A close-up of Cooper Peak

Looking northeast toward the Dardanells

One of the ski runs at Dodge Ridge

sign_3 flowering plant purple_plant

The 3rd sign

Cow Parsnip plant

The Elderberry bushes were everywhere. In spring, the bushes have clusters of white flowers.

view_of_peak 4th_sign knarled_tree

Also taken from Sign 3

Sign number 4

An old gnarled tree

knarled tree knarled tree arch in the tree

A tunnel was created many years back.

Don't you wonder how old it is?

Taken from the other side

steep section view at 5 view at 5

The steepest part of the ride. You definitely need a 4-wheel drive vehicle here.

Taking in the view from post number 5.

Another terrific view from 5.

post7 sign 7

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Looking across the valley from post 6.
This is the view at what is called 'Artist's Hill'...the last stop.