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Bell Meadow in Springtime

sign post parking Trail

Welcome to Bell Meadow

There is ample parking when you reach Bell Meadow

The trail begins east of the signboard. Most of the trail is lateral and an easy hike.

bell meadow 4 bell meadow 5 bell meadow 6

The meadow is so lush and green and there was still water standing in the low areas.


From this spot, you can get a lovely view of Bell Mountain.

Wildflowers were in abundance throughout the walk.

bell meadow 7 bell meadow 8 bell meadow 9

This tree has survived many heavy winters.

The trail leads into the Upper Bell Meadow...only a slight climb.

The aspen leaves have once again returned to the trees.


Bell Meadow in the Fall

Autumn in Bell Meadow Bell Meadow in EarlyAutumn Autumn in Bell Meadows

The aspens are spectacular in October in Bell Meadow.

The aspens are now beyond their peak colors...winter is coming soon. Early autumn...the meadow has already turned brown...the bushes and trees will follow shortly.
Along the Bell Meadow Trail Horseback Riding in Bell Meadow in Autumn
Not long now before winter sets in. There is so much granite to be seen along the trail in Bell Meadow...it is beautiful. Here is the ultimate scene...a couple of horseback riders enjoying a weekend ride among the colorful aspen trees.


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