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Columns of the Giants

How Columns Form Column columns
This is one of the signs built in 2007 describing the geologic formation of these columns.
One of the first views of the columns.
There is quite an array of talus that has broken away from the columns creating magnificent alluvial fans.
columns column columns
sign board sign columns


The Second Flow

This sign shows the results of the two lava flows.

columns columns sign

The answer to the question about feeling cool air rising through the talus is 'Yes".

columns columns columns_15

There is a trail leading to the top of these lava formations which shows the tops of the columns such as one can see at Devil's Postpile. When I get this information, I will post it on this Web site. I understand that the trail is quite strenuous, not well-marked and because of the loose talus, it is not the safest climb to make.


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