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Clavey River and Lily Creek

clavey river clavey river butterfly

Looking upstream from the bridge

Beautiful clear pool

A few minutes before, there were possibly 20 or more butterflies resting on the wet sand

clavey river clavey river clavey river

Mountain Spiraea growing along side the river

There was a fish swimming in this lovely pond

The rocks formed a small dam

clavey river clavey river

The next series of pictures are of Lily Creek.

More Mountain Spiraea

It's amazing how plants find a place to grow among rocks

cascade cascade cascade

Too much water to ford Lily Creek

Lily Creek Cascade from the dirt road using a zoom lens

Close up view after reaching the cascade

cascade boulders looking down creek

There is a fairly deep pool at the base

Looking the opposite direction down Lily Creek

A member of the daisy family

creekside mariposa lily boulders

Looking back toward the dirt road

Mariposa Lily

Heading back to the car at the end of a great day!

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