Fall Scenery - Stanislaus National Forest


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Solitude on Pinecrest Lake  
Last of Sun's Rays
Code 57 - Solitude on Pinecrest Lake
Code 58 - The Last of the Sun's Rays
Ripples Over Autumn Leaves
Autumn Reflection
Code 63 - Ripples Over Autumn Leaves
Code 64- Autumn Reflection at Pinecrest Lake
Pigeon Flat
Autumn Leaved Dogwoods
Code 68 - Autumn at Pigeon Flat
Code 70- Autumn Colored Dogwood Trees
Autumn Colors at Bell Meadow
Autumn Colors at Herring Creek

Code 66 - Autumn Color at Bell Meadow

Code 166 - Autumn Colors at Herring Creek
Aspen and Snow Covered Peaks
Magic of Autumn
Code 72 - Aspen and Snow-covered Peaks
Code 75 - The Magic of Autumn
Aspen Autumn Colors
Reflection at Herring Creek
Code 78 - Aspen Fall Color
Code 175 - Reflection at Herring Creek
Fall Colors and Erratic Boulders
East Carson River
Code 177 - Fall Colors and Erratic Boulders
Code 178 - East Carson River
October Along the East Carson River
Path Across Herring Creek.
Code 179 - Color Along East Carson River
Code 180 - Path Across Herring Creek
Glowing Aspen
Floating Aspen Leaves
Code 181 - Glowing Aspens
Code 183 - Floating Aspen Leaves
Autumn Color Along 395
Color Close to Monitor Pass
Code 185 - Autumn Color Along 395
Code 186 -Autumn Color Close to Monitor Pass
Shimmering Aspen
Aspen Leaves
Code 191 - Shimmering Aspen
Code 229 - Aspen Leaves
Fallen Aspen Leaves
Frost Covered Leaves
Code 231 - Fallen Aspen Leaves
Code 232 - Frost Covered Leaves
Fall is Over
Seed Pods of CA Dogwood
Code 272- Fall is Over
Code 286 - Seed Pods of California Dogwood
Bell Meadow
Horseback Riding Bell Meadow
Code 339 - Bell Meadow
Code 377 - Horseback Riding - Bell Meadow
Herring Creek Reservoir
Dogwood Leaf
Code 380 - Herring Creek Reservoir

Code 381 - Fallen Dogwood Leaf

Bell Meadow - Autumn Color
Shimmering Aspen
Code 382 - Bell Meadow - Autumn Color

Code 385 - Shimmering Aspen

Autumn at Kennedy Meadows
Quaking Aspen
Code 383 - Autumn at Kennedy Meadows
Code 384 - Quaking Aspen


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