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sunset in the stanislaus

Welcome to The Beauty of the

Stanislaus National Forest



The Stanislaus National Forest, created in 1897, is comprised of almost 900,000 acres and is located on the northwest boundary of Yosemite National Park.  Within the Stanislaus are two wilderness areas...the Emigrant Wilderness and the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. These wilderness areas are located in the higher part of the Sierra and are managed by the U. S. Forest Service.

You will find pictures of volcanic, granite, and basalt formations, many landscapes, as well as an abundance of  wildflowers. I will update this Web site periodically so please return to find additional photos and places of interest to which you can drive, hike, or walk.

Each page is categorized by name and location, giving a brief description and driving directions.  You will also find the GPS coordinates for those locations that are difficult to find.

The StanislausTour Web site is presented to you for your enjoyment. Hopefully, it will give you a deeper appreciation of the beauty of the Stanislaus National Forest and encourage you to visit one or more of these locations.

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